Shell Football Town Showdown

The passion college football fans have for their favorite team extend well beyond the gridiron.

That’s why Shell gave fans the chance to ‘fan the flames’ of their rivalries and vote for the best college football town in America. Fans voted in a bracket style format where towns went up against each other to ultimately land on top as the best College Football town in America.

Passion, pageantry and rivalries, all Fueled by Shell!

Congratulations to the winner of Football Town Showdown, State College, PA!

“Football Town Show down was a perfect opportunity for us to use our national footprint, our loyalty program and our reach to give college football fans a great journey.”
Lisa Carr
CMO and General Manager of Mobility Marketing North America, Shell
“The fervor behind the college football season is massive.”

Andrew Messina

SVP, Disney Advertising

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